The Utility Company® is a leading provider of virtual IT service and support for small and medium-sized businesses

What makes Utility so different? What is this NEW WAY?

First off, The Utility Company® is a leading provider of virtual IT service and support for small and medium-sized businesses delivering the required hardware, software and service for a monthly fixed fee per user. Our Connected Office® service program provides a single point of contact to deliver and manage technology, communications and vertical line of business applications – 95% Remote; 100% Proactive.

We are also a member of MSPAlliance™ Accreditation & Standards Committee for development of professional standards and ethics in managed IT services to ensure data security.

What do we mean when we say there is 'A NEW WAY'?  Find out for yourself in this quick overview video

Our customers are supported by local Utility Service Providers delivering on-site service and business-technology consulting to address the two major problems plaguing businesses today:

Over-spending – the average business spends $360 per user per month on technology.

Under-utilization – unfortunately only 15% of this investment in technology is actually utilized.

How do we do this?
We believe it is important for our customers to have a national single point of contact option rather then dealing with various small point solution providers. With Connected Office 4.0 we have delivered a complete portfolio of services that parallels enterprise consultancies, but that is designed specifically for the SMB market. Most managed service providers today focus on delivering and managing technology ‘plumbing’ – we focus on how technology can improve your business in key areas like sales, marketing, customer service and business management.

The old model for “ALL things technology” is about businesses paying a service provider or technician to put them back where they were yesterday instead of getting them to where they need to be tomorrow.

So how do we differ from traditional service providers? In several key ways:

Single point of contact for “ALL things technology” - This means you have one number to call. No more "blame games" or "runarounds" to determine the source of an issue or who to approach. With The Utility Company on-call, we are your single point of contact and will remediate problems with software vendors, support centers, manufacturers, etc on your behalf. You can throw away your Rolodex!

Proactive versus reactive model - This means we use technology traditionally geared towards large enterprises to take care of technology issues BEFORE they can become disruptive issues, often before you (the customer!) ever senses a problem.

Unparalleled customer service - We have received nothing short of rave reviews on our customer service, both from our remote 1-866-My-Utility Live North American Helpdesk AND our local onsite Utility Service Providers.

Unique delivery model – remote delivery versus onsite - You may be used to a service provider coming to your premises to perform repairs, updates, patches, installations, etc. With our ability to remotely monitor, maintain and remediate issues we have reduced the need for, and the environmental impact of, on-site support with over 95% of service calls being performed remotely.

Responsible & responsive - By putting our customers on our Connected Office services program, we can let them concentrate on operating their businesses while we monitor their technology needs. We are always available, friendly and alert as your MSPAlliance-accredited, professional, technology advisor.

Set cost per user per month (fixed-fee) - An important differentiator. We've seen in the past that many of our clients received wildly fluctuating IT bills from month- to-month. Moving to the Utility approach, namely paying for what you consume each month, gives our customers reliable information to base their budgets and payrolls on.

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